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League Night Team

Night League Team

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  • List Handicap (GHIN or average 18 hole handicap on golf course or simulator course)
    FORMAT: League is a 9 hole stroke handicap play with 12 teams of two players. Each team of two will play head to head against another team of two during the 8 week league. Each player will be assigned individual opponents (match) before the commencement of the round. Low to high handicaps on each team play respective teams’ in 9 hole head to head stroke play. 9 hole handicaps are subtracted from gross score to determine match winners. League is open to men and women 18 years of age or older.LEAGUE POINTS: The player with the best 9 hole stroke score in each match minus their 9 hole handicap will receive one point for their team. In the event of an equal score within the match, each player will receive a ½ point. Winning team for each week will receive 1 bonus point. If teams tie in a given week they will each receive ½ bonus point. At the end of 9 holes, the winning team will receive 4 league points and the losing team will receive 1 league point. For a draw, each team will receive 2 league points.ALTERNATES: Each player is responsible for finding their own alternate if they are unable to make a league night. If a player or team no shows a league night, they will receive 0 points for the night. If team does not have 2 players, all missing players must pay for missed weeks.HANDICAPING SYSTEM: GHIN handicap numbers and or average 18 hole handicap (golf course or simulator course) Swing Zone has the right at any time to change a handicap. Swing Zone Handicaps will be based on a 5 game rolling league score average once player has enough rounds completed. MAXIMUM HANDICAP is 25. LOWEST handicap is -4.PLAYOFFS: Top 4 teams make the finals after 6 weeks regular season. All other teams can still play during the Playoffs and Finals and compete for weekly prizes. Semi Final 1: 1v4 Semi Final 2: 2v3 Teams finishing 1 and 2 have the ability to choose the golf course for the semi finals.FINALS: Final 2 teams play 9 hole match for championship Team with higher points during regular league play has the ability to choose golf course for final match.PRIZES: 1st Place Team: 2 Club Level Tickets to Texans game (TBD in November/Dec.) Includes green lot parking pass. Value $450 2nd Place Team: $200 Swing Zone Golf Gift Card ($100 per player) 3rd Place Team: $100 Swing Zone Golf Gift Card ($50 per player)WEEKLY ENTRY FEES: The weekly player fee is $20+tax or $40+tax per team for each league night during the course of the 8 week league. Once a player/team has joined a league, they are responsible for all entry fees each week regardless if they are playing or not. If payment is not received in advance, the player/team will not be allow to play and will receive 0 points that week. The player/team can only rejoin the league once all payments are up to date.
    Your credit card will be charged immediately for the entry fee for week 1. After the first week, your card will be automatically charged the weekly entry fee on league night during the league season.We accept cancellation requests, with a full refund given, up to 5 days prior to the start of the league. After which all payments are final and players are responsible for all weekly league fees owed.
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