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Golf Lessons

Whether you are new to the game of golf and want to learn how to play or you are an advanced player looking to improve your overall game or work on a particular skill, we can help. We offer golf lessons for all skill levels and ages in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Golf lessons are offered during the day, evening and weekends making it convenient for all schedules. Using golf simulators for instruction allows for faster practice time, immediate feedback and the ability to see your swing, technique and even the course differently through the use of 3D graphics and advanced analytics. Schedule a golf lesson today!


Senior Teaching Pro

Jayde grew up playing golf in Perth Western, Australia. In 2011 She moved to the United States and competed collegiately for Oklahoma State University. Jayde has represented Australia on various professional tours including the LPGA, Symetra, European, Australia and Asian Tours. She competed professionally for 4 years and applies a performance aspect to her teaching. She comes from a 3D coaching upbringing and brings a unique skill set to Swing Zone Golf. She is a TPI Certified instructor and utilizes 3D K-Vest in her lessons. Jayde’s teaching philosophies stem from coaches Kevin Kirk and Ryan Lumsden who have coached players to their highest potential on many professional tours.

1 hour: $125

1 hour: $100

Jack Benson
“I retired five years ago and began lessons with a national firm. It took them two years to cure my over-the-top early release, but my lower body barely moved and my swing was still steep. They couldn’t communicate the lower body move and, over the next three years, apparently It’s one thing to say what to do; it’s another to communicate how. In only three lessons, you showed me how to engage my lower body in a way I could implement. Swing speeds are already up, and I have no doubt ball-striking and my game will noticeably improve over the next few months. With your help, I feel my goals are in reach. ”

Helen Hsieh
“I’m 59 with 1-1/2 years golf experience. Despite visiting two pros for a year and practicing a lot, there was little progress. I went to Jayde on a referral and couldn’t be happier. Jayde is very observant and an excellent communicator. In two months, she helped me correct several bad habits. The result is 15-20 mph increased swing speed and much more consistency. We’re now working on the short game and seeing improvements there.”

Soda Heng
“After going once a week for just a month, I was able to lower my score by 6-8 strokes and I now have the confidence and knowledge to correct and improve my own swings on the fly based on my knowledge gained from my coach Jayde and the simulator data. Jayde was super enthusiastic and personal with all my lessons. You’ll definitely have a fun time when taking lessons from her! I’ve had lessons in the past from other places around Houston, TX but this was the most helpful by a long shot.”

Ellis Armstrong
“I can’t recommend Jayde strongly enough as a golf instructor. She has incredible technical knowledge based on her experience on the LPGA tour coupled with a very positive and encouraging approach. She has really helped me with my swing and given me some great practice drills to work on especially with her 3D software. I recently won an 18-hole play-off to win a tournament at my local golf club in England, as I was using one of Jayde’s swing keys all the way round!”

Golf Instructor

Senior Teaching Pro

Steve Williams is a 4-time member of the six-player, United States Golf Team, which competed in the World Golf Teacher’s Cup, both in the US and internationally. He has also had numerous Top 10 finishes in other US and World Cups events. He has taught numerous touring professionals, who have won on the United States PGA Tour, and South African PGA tour.

Steve has been ranked as one of the top 60 teaching pros in the world for almost two decades and is a certified Master Teaching Professional. He designed the curriculum and taught The Advanced Teaching Concepts Training Course. This course was only given to very experienced teaching pros, who made the choice to become elite teachers.

He believes that he was born to teach golf, and teaching others, not only how to build a world class golf swing, but learning life lessons through learning golf, is what makes his blood course through his veins. Working with juniors, to help them become elite golfers, and responsible citizens, is a passion of his

30 mins $70
1 hour: $125

30 mins $60
1 hour: $115

Keith Friesen
USGTF Level III Golf Teaching Pro

“My interaction with Steve Williams has greatly enhanced my ability to communicate with my golf students. Had it not been for Steve I would still be struggling with band aid golf instruction. Mr. Williams laid the foundation for me to better interpret student needs, whether they are beginners or students that excel. Steve has the ability to quickly analyze and with minimal instruction provide the individual with a clear picture of what is required to improve.”


Michael A. Wolf
Head Golf Professional The Oaks Golf & Tennis Club
USGTF Certified Master Teaching Professional

“I believe the purest form of promoting the game of golf is through instruction. For the people who teach professionally, it is a ministry that molds character as well as golf games.
I have known Steve Williams for years and consider him to be the epitome of a Professional Golf Instructor. He is adept at teaching players of all levels and also has the ability to lend his knowledge to those who hope to teach themselves.
Steve is dedicated to bringing players and teachers to the game and it is people like him that insure the healthy growth of golf now and in the future. He has my fullest confidence.”


Bob Myer
“In my opinion, Steve is the consummate golf teacher! If you really want to improve your golf swing and have fun doing it, Steve Williams is your man!!! Steve is a teacher’s teacher. He works with golf professionals, both players and instructors, and shares a unique knowledge of golf, and how people learn. I have been working with Steve for slightly over three years and although he is not my first instructor, his communication skills, golf swing knowledge, and knowledge of the game itself are second to none. He uses video to graphically show not only what one is doing in the golf swing but also where body parts need to be to achieve better results.
Steve wants each student to improve so they can derive more fun and enjoyment from the game of golf. His objective is to help each student understand what he/she needs to do so they can “fix” an issue on their own. Given the opportunity and time, Steve can take each student as far as they want to go to reach their goal. There is no doubt in my mind that if you team up with Steve, you too will have a wonderful experience, fun, and vastly improve your golf swing.”

JL Lewis
PGA Touring Professional

“As a PGA Touring Professional, I compete against the best players in the world. Consequently, I have to keep my game sharp. Steve Williams has helped me to do this. I have worked with many of the top golf instructors in the world…I am talking about the best of the best. In my opinion, I have not found a better instructor anywhere, than Steve. He is a gifted communicator and his passion for teaching is evident when you hear him speak. If you seriously want to improve your game, whether you are a touring professional, a weekend golfer or just learning to play golf as a beginner, I suggest you go see Steve. You will not only learn more about the golf swing and how to play golf to your personal potential, you will have great fun in the process.”

Golf Instructor

Teaching Pro

As the son of a golf instructor Connor’s love for the game began at an early age. He started swinging a club at the age of two and since then has gone on to become a level three instructor with the United States Golf Teachers Federation. He’s given many private lessons, while helping the junior golf community with the Texas Golf Academy. And, he has taught kids of all ages and skill levels, including special needs golfers.

Connor’s life has always revolved around golf. He is passionate about helping others improve through practice and breaking down the proper fundamentals into pieces that are easier to absorb at the individuals skill level.

30 mins $60
1 hour: $100

30 mins $50
1 hour: $90



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